Minced Lamb Cutlet
500 grams minced lamb meat
A:     300 grams   onions   }    
    50 grams   ginger   } finely chopped  
    50 grams   garlic    } or blend  
    4   green chillies   }    
B:   2   eggs        
    11/2 tablespoons   chilli powder        
    1 teaspoon   Seasoning        
    1/2 teaspoon   salt        
    1/2 teaspoon   Ajowan seeds        
    few sprigs   coriander leaves, finely chopped oil for deep frying        
    4 tablespoons   Tomato Ketchup        
    4 tablespoons    Chilli Sauce lettuce/tomato/cucumber        
In a bowl, mix well A and B ingredients. Form into cutlets and deep frying in hot oil until golden brown; drain.
Put on serving plate, serve with sauce and garnish with lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

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